You can read at least 10-12 books a year if you wanted to.

I’m a slow reader.  Compared to my wife, who reads a few books a week, I’m a super slow reader.  Here is how I read a lot even though I’m a slow reader.

Every day I read for about an hour.  Its rarely all at once.  I read 10-15 minutes sometime in the morning.  20-30 minutes sometime I the afternoon and another 15-30 minutes in the evening time.  That adds up pretty quickly.  Even on the low end of my range I am reading about 45 minutes.

Now, I read about 166 words per minute, which is below average (my comprehension rate, however, is over 90%).  So it takes me about 2 minutes to read one page in an average book.  Let’s say the average book has 250 pages (most of the books I read are roughly 250 pages).

45 mpd / 2mpp = 22.5 pages read per day.

250 ppb / 22.5 ppd = 11.11 days per book read.

365 dpy / 11.11 dpb = 32 books per year.

Lets say you don’t like to read on the weekends so you take Saturday and Sunday off.

253 / 11/11 = 22.7 books per year.

You’re still reading more than 20 books per year.

What’s that? You count Friday too? No reading on Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Okay.

197dpy / 11.11 dpb = 17 books per year.

Even if you cut the amount of reading in half, you would still read almost 10 books per year.

I think my point is clear.  Read! Stop making excuses and pick up a book.  A good one.  Take the time to plow through it.

First Peter 1:13 exhorts you to “prepare you mind for action.”  One way to prepare your mind for action is to stay mentally fit.  Read good books by good authors who can help you know, love and follow Jesus.

Coming soon we will begin having a Resource Table with a selection of books meant to help you grow in your thinking as well as your application of the Gospel.  Leaders are readers.  So, let’s read.

You can do it.

I can. So I know you can.