Jesus Saves.

He really does.  Just last week I met with a young woman who did not know him.  I was privileged to share the gospel with her, introduce her to Jesus and help her walk across the line of faith.  Jesus has been saving people all around us and continues to do so.  I believe he is inviting us into the action.  Let’s join him.

Sunday, September 14th a new season begins for our church family.  A season of formation and preparation that will last 17 weeks, running through December and into the first Sunday of January.  My hope and dream for this formative time together is to prepare our minds, hearts and hands for what God will do in and through New City in the coming months and years.

We exist to help people know, love and follow Jesus.  And Jesus can do immeasurably more than we can ask or even dream (Eph 3:20); and I am asking God for big things. I am asking that he would use our little church community to make an impact and not merely an impression.  I dream of seeing broken relationships restored and addictions conquered and lost people saved.  I want you to dream with me. I want you to ask God of for these things with me.

But we mustn’t stop at asking.  We must be prepared to respond when God answers our prayer (should he choose to do so).

In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah we have a great example of what it looks like to both ask and do.  To both seek the Lord’s leading and provision and to take active steps in planning, preparing, and getting the job done. One of my favorite moments in the book of Nehemiah is in chapter 2, in the latter portion of verse 4 and beginning of verse 5.  Here Nehemiah says, “so I prayed and I asked the king (of Persia)…”  He prayed.  He asked God.  Then he took a bold faith risk to get the job done.

As we enter into this formation or Launch Team phase of New City Church we too must both pray and do.  Seek God’s grace, provision, and much more.  But we must also do.  

Why am I using the term, Launch Team?  While it is true that right now we are the Core Group of New City Church, we are on a mission to launch much more than a Sunday morning gathering.  We are on a mission to help people know, love and follow Jesus.

Our (“public”) LAUNCH date is currently scheduled for Sunday, January 11th.

Here are 5 things I am asking you to commit to as members of the Launch Team of New City Church.

  1. Pray – would you pray for and with us?  Ask God to do the miraculous, the incredible, the unimaginable in the lives and hearts of people all around us.  We know that God is able to do “far more than we can ask or imagine”, so let’s ask him to do just that.
  2. Give – If you have not done so already, begin planning on transferring your tithes and offerings from CCC to New City so you can be set up by the start of September.  We believe the gospel cultivates a spirit of generosity in us.  So, I encourage and challenge you to take your next step in your giving toward the mission of helping people know, love and follow Jesus.
  3. Learn – Assume the posture of a learner during this season of formation.  As we learn what it looks like for us to be a church shaped and formed by the gospel, may you grow in learning what it looks like for you to be shaped by the gospel.  As we learn to operate independently from CCC (our mother church), we have a lot to learn.
  4. Serve – Its all hands on deck!  If you are not currently serving, I want to challenge you to step up and join a ministry team.  Commit to serving in some way as we seek to help people know, love and follow Jesus.  (Kids City, Tech, Hospitality, and more)
  5. Invite – Be inviting in all you do.  Invite friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to join you on this adventure of planting New City Church and helping people know, love and follow Jesus.

My friends, I am blessed to be serving Jesus with you.  Praise Him.