As you come to him, a living stone… 1 Peter 2:4

Tension can be a good thing.  Tension is what holds up bridges.  But when it occurs in relationships it can be awkward and sometimes even painful.  Life can often be awkward and painful. Tension occurs when two sides are pulling on one object.  A bridge is held in place because heavy cables are anchored down on either side of the divide and pulling the bridge in both directions simultaneously.

In 1 Peter 2:1-12 we see a strange tension occur in the life of the Christian.  As we “put off” (2:1) various vices of our former self, and simultaneously “come to [Jesus]” (2:4) we are being pulled in two directions.  The old “passions of the flesh” on one side and the desire to please Jesus, the Living Stone, on the other.  Both tugging at our heart strings, vying for our affections.  But only one can satisfy.

A strong bridge that is held up by the tension placed on the cables allows men and women, boys and girls to cross from one side to the other. In the same way, as Christians live in the tension created when we live set apart lives, we point to The Bridge. We are witnesses to whats on the other side. We walk toward Jesus and invite others to join us.

Jesus suffered. Jesus was rejected. If we try to be like Jesus and don’t rest on him to carry our weight, its only a matter of time before the tension becomes unbearable.

Today, as you live in the strange tension of life, put all of your weight on Jesus. The Living Stone.