Hey New City,

We were made aware on Thursday morning that Lot A, which we use for parking for Sunday Worship, will be unusable for the next 4-6 weeks.

We made alternate arrangements for the next few Sundays. You can find the details by clicking here or go to newcityomaha.org/parking.

We will be using Parking Lot D directly west of the Student Center and walk over to the Humanities Building for Sunday Worship.

(Trailer Team can use the Library entrance to load and unload the trailer.)

I need you to do three things.

Spread the word. tell everyone you know so we can get the information out.
Review the parking instructions so you are familiar with it. There will likely be some confusion tomorrow and you can help minimize that by being familiar with the new plan and helping pass the word.
Show up early tomorrow. The new arrangements and extra walking distance will be a change and we want you to be prepared.
I look forward to worshipping Jesus with you tomorrow!