At New City we use the term Family Traits to talk about our core values, DNA and theological vision as a church.  It is how we talk about how God has uniquely wired our church family to declare his glory in our present context.  Our Family Traits are three fold: Hope, Identity and Mission.

Hope is about the Cross of Christ and His empty tomb.  Jesus is our hope.  At his cross we find forgiveness of sin and the empty tomb is our victory over death.  Jesus is our Hope because his life, death and resurrection is for us, to the glory of God.  We are now God’s righteousness.

Our identity is as children of God who have been adopted into His family.  We are no longer isolated individuals, but a family.

Finally, we join Jesus on his mission to seek and save the lost.  Jesus was sent by God on a mission and, in turn, Jesus sends us on a mission.

What does this have to do with our #1 habit?

When you read the Gospels, you find Jesus constantly inviting people into repentance, into God’s Kingdom and out into a mission field (Mark 1:17; 5:19) and I believe that if we had to narrow down these traits into one tangible behavior or habit it would be the invitation.

If you attend a Sunday gathering you will often hear me say I  want us to be “inviting in all we do”.  I believe the gospel of Jesus is compelling because it is inviting.  It invites all kinds of people into new life.  The broken, imperfect, disheartened, proud, arrogant, obnoxious, depressed, and even the religious self righteous are all invited into the hope that only Jesus gives.

I want to challenge you to be inviting in all you do this week and every week.  This week, make it a point to invite someone into your story by sharing what Jesus is teaching you.  Invite someone to a Sunday Gathering with New City Church.  Invite someone to your City Group.  Invite, invite invite.  It’s our #1 Habit.

I believe this one habit will have significant impact on your personal walk with Jesus as you grow in knowing, loving and following Him more and more each day.  I also think it is one simple, practical way you can be on mission every day.  I believe if we are intentional about the invitation, we can see God do amazing things in our city and our church.

In my following posts I will write a bit on how Jesus’ invitation changes us and how he uses our invitations to reach people.  I will also write about different ways we can be inviting and how to know when to invite someone into your life, to a Sunday Gathering or your City Group.