Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged. Col 3:21

When I was a kid I had a step-dad for a few years. His nickname for me was “Big Head.” In fairness, my head was huge. And I don’t think he was being malicious. But it gave others permission to belittle me and rob me of dignity. It stayed with me. And I can’t remember one encouraging word he said to me. I’m sure he said many encouraging words to me. But what I remember is that to him I was “Big Head.” And I was a joke.

Our kids hear how we speak about other kids and families and they hear how you speak about them to other kids and other families. Are they hearing you say you believe they have the best kid ever, or are they hearing you say they have a defective kid?

My point is that words matter. Be helpful with your words.

Speak words that give life and vision to your kids. Point out what they do really well and encourage them to do their best. When they do their best, celebrate it. Even if their best is not as good as the kid across the street or the exaggerated view of yourself as a kid of the same age.

Do some honest assessment of your words to your kids. Are they helpful or hurtful?
Repent and resolve to be helpful and not hurtful.